Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth are very important to your child’s development for a number of reasons. They encourage the development of the jaw bone and they reserve the space required for the permanent teeth that will follow. They also enable your child to chew solid food and assist in speech development. Moreover, they contribute to your child’s positive feelings about his or her appearance and help build confidence.

It is important to begin a daily oral care routine for your child before the first tooth appears. After each feeding, wipe your child’s gums with a warm, wet cloth or a small gauze pad to remove excess food and bacteria. As soon as the first teeth appear, brush them with a small, soft-bristled brush moistened with warm water.

When teeth begin to touch each other, add daily flossing to the routine. With adult supervision, most children are able to brush their own teeth by about age four, however, we recommend assisting your child at least once a day to ensure a thorough job. You should continue to monitor their oral care throughout childhood. Remember that with your own healthy oral care habits, you can be an important role model for your child.