Do Children need to go to a Pediatric Dentist?

At our Family Dental Practice we treat patients of all ages and find that the large majority of children do just great at our office. Occasionally we will refer a child to a Pedodontist, or children’s dental specialist, for certain procedures or if they have a special need.


It is our approach to develop a trusting relationship with your child by exposing them to as many positive experiences as possible in our office.  In that way we can start them on the path to a lifetime of dental care without anxiety.


Here are some guidelines from the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Dental Medicine that will help your child’s visits to the dentist be a positive experience:


1. Choose Carefully. Not all General Dentists are willing to work with children. Our staff is experienced and comfortable with treating children. At our office we have toys and books for children to play with and even a special sticker after their visit.



2. Start Early. If at all possible, don’t wait until your child has a tooth problem before bringing them to the office. We usually suggest that children have a full cleaning, check up and a fluoride treatment at around age three, but we encourage you to get them familiar with our office as soon as possible. You can bring them to see you or an older relaxed child get a cleaning or we can schedule an orientation visit with one of our Hygienists. This allows your child to meet the Hygienist, go for a ride in the chair and learn what to expect during their dental visit.


3. Talk Positive. Tell your child, “We need our teeth to smile, eat and talk, so the Hygienist & Doctor just want to see that they are OK.” instead of, “Don’t be scared.” Even if you are anxious about the dentist, try not to communicate that to your child.


If you have any questions about when your child is ready for the dentist, or how we can help to get them off to a good start, feel free to call. 678 810 1100