Tired Of Crooked Or Crowded Teeth?

How we perceive our smile and appearance affects our self-esteem, our moods and how we function in social and business relationships. Common conditions that impact negatively on your smile include broken, cracked or worn teeth, discolored teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, decayed teeth, gaps between your teeth and/or “gummy smiles.” Each patient and each specific circumstance must be evaluated on its own merits. Factors such as occlusion [bite], oral habits, available space, health of the gum tissue, severity of the problem and patient expectation must be taken into consideration while planning your cosmetic makeover. Not only are crowded teeth cosmetically displeasing, but they often lead to periodontal [gum] disease since personal oral hygiene is much more difficult to properly accomplish.

Sometimes the appropriate procedure would be orthodontic movement of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a major decision and a long-term time commitment. In those situations, removable appliances or fixed braces and wires have to be utilized. The patient seen here chose to have cosmetic ceramic crowns and veneers placed over his existing teeth. The teeth are prepared to remove enough tooth structure so that the ceramic restorations could be permanently bonded to his teeth. This is usually accomplished in 2-3 long appointments. Call our office if you think you’re a candidate for this type of procedure.