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Bad Habits Your Oral Health Would Like You to Break

By Dr. Chea Rainford | September 1, 2021

Did you know that a lot of little things you do (or don’t do) could be bad habits that are affecting your oral health? These include everything from not brushing or flossing enough, to eating too many sweets, to even using your teeth to open a bag of chips. The Snowball Effect Unfortunately, these bad…

Mouthguards: Built to Protect and Preserve

By Dr. Chea Rainford | September 1, 2021

An active lifestyle calls for active safety. And while helmets, goggles and knee pads have become standard equipment to protect our bodies, it’s important to remember to protect your teeth as well. Mouthguards offer an easy, reliable method to cushion your teeth during athletic and recreational activity. Participating in any physical activity involves a risk…

Pacifiers and Baby Bottles: Comforting or Concerning?

By Dr. Chea Rainford | September 1, 2021

When it comes to sucking, babies are naturals — maybe because they practice even before they are born! Children begin sucking on their thumb while in the womb to develop the skills necessary for breastfeeding. And for many kids, this skill has an added bonus: Thumb-sucking can be very soothing. Many infants and toddlers will…

Is That Normal? Aging and Dental Health

By Dr. Chea Rainford | August 2, 2021

If you’re like most seniors, you know that some changes to your body are a normal part of the aging process and others aren’t. The same applies to your dental health. That’s right, the health of your teeth matters as you age, too! So it’s easy to understand why you might be wondering what changes…

A Parent’s Guide to Flossing

By Dr. Chea Rainford | August 2, 2021

Regular tooth brushing and flossing are important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The best way to ensure that your child maintains good oral health through adulthood is to establish their oral hygiene routine early. In addition to tooth-brushing, you can start teaching your child to floss. Flossing is important for removing the dental plaque…

Talking Teeth: 10 Dental Terms You Should Know

By Dr. Chea Rainford | July 6, 2021

    Have you ever heard your dentist use a word or phrase you didn’t really understand? If so, you’re not alone! It’s not uncommon for dentists to use words that might sound completely foreign to you — they use very specific dental terminology to describe what’s going on in your mouth. And although your…

Your guide to caring for dentures

By Dr. Chea Rainford | July 6, 2021

Proper care of your dentures may help you avoid unnecessary, and costly, denture repair. The health of your mouth also depends on how well you care for them. Use this guide to help ensure that your full or partial dentures are kept in tip-top shape. Brush Your Dentures Daily Good oral hygiene habits are just…

Baby Steps: Your Infant Dental Care Checklist

By Dr. Chea Rainford | July 6, 2021

Taking care of your infant’s baby teeth and gums sets the stage for a healthy smile. Here are five dental care musts that every parent should know: – Clean your infant’s gums. Use gauze to clean your baby’s gums after feedings and at bedtime. Ideally, this should be done even before your child’s first tooth…

Baby Boomers Beware: Aging and Tooth Root Decay

By Dr. Chea Rainford | June 2, 2021

The development of root decay is providing a new challenge for dentists — and for our aging population. Root decay is more difficult to treat than normal cavities — especially if the dental cavity travels under the gum line. Traditionally, dentists treat root decay the same way they treat regular dental cavities. The procedure is…

What Are My Options for Treating Gum Disease?

By Dr. Chea Rainford | June 2, 2021

It may be alarming to learn that you have gum disease, but the truth is, there are a number of successful options to treat the problem. Maybe your issue began with an infection that included very little to no pain or irritation. Some people may not even realize they have this milder form of the…

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